Norway is an Europa's country, located to the northwest of the Scandinavian peninsula that shares borders with Sweden, Russia and Finland. The territory is crossed by the Scandinavian chain, which spreads from north to south along the littoral.

In the western slope the erosion glacier dug deeply the valleys far below of the current level of the sea, giving origin to the littoral of "fiords", narrow and deep arms of sea fitted by abrupt slopes. Under oceanic influence of the north drift of the Gulf Stream, it has humid and agreeable winters, and cold summers, having the high vast lands areas of peat-bogs and "tundras". The north is crossed by small groups of breeders of reindeers nomades, the "samis". The population centers in the south, especially in the region of Oslo. 9/10 of the territory are uninhabited.   

Norway is far stretched and divers, reaching above the Artic Circle. Given the extreme northerly position, the mainland climate in Norway is surprisingly mild. It is the northernmost contry in the world to have open waters.

Norwegian fjords are famous world wide. You will find two of the three worlds longest fjords in Norway.


Farms are many, small and spread out, not clustred in villages like in the rest of Europe. Big city life in Oslo is different from that of a coastal village in the arctic.


Aborigines of Norway

The sami people have lived in Norway much longer than the Norwegians. They are recognised as Norwegians original population. The sami have a long tradition as reindeer holders and they lived at one with nature.