In class 2012/2013
January 21st We´ll try to finish unit 4, Politics and politicians. Did you watch The video "The Power of Introverts" ?. take a look at the script (If you haven't read it yet). Here
Check vocabulary on handout 17 and in Unit 4.
January 7th

Watch and listen to this video this video The Power of Introverts.
Read this text about " A Culture of Violence" We are going to comment on it and study the vocabulary in our first lesson.


Dec 3rd.
Dec 13th

Your next writing task is due Dec 12th/13th. It's a film review and this link may help you.
A Film Review. It should be between 250-280 words. Try to use as much language from the activities done in class as you can. (Monday 3rd) .
Unit 3. Relationships. we're going to talk about people (revise some vocabulary) give our impression about people we don't know well.

Nov 25th Dec. 2nd

We're going to do the speaking, reading and listening activities in Unit 2 of the student's book as well as the corresponding exercises in the workbook.
Remember that on December 11th/12th you're taking the exam on the book: To Kill a Mockingbird.
Have a look at these biographies. Here there are more biographies. Take your pick (choose the one you want) and listen to it several times because, after Christmas holidays, you'll have to do a presentation in front of your classmates on the person you've chosen. Tell me the one you've chosen in advanced.

This is the t est you did in the class.
Nov. 12th 22nd

Hand in Opinion Essay.
Monday and Wednesday groups: Introduce you to CULTURE AND IDENTITY. (Unit 2). and Tuesday and Thursday groups finish unit 1 and do handout 10. To understand it better, watch this video in Laos and This one.


Nov. 5th
Nov. 11th

Monday 5th. To Kill a Mockingbird. Chapter 1. We'll comment on it in class.
We'll also go on takking about important changes in certain cities and countries such as China and India and finish unit 1 of the student's and the workbook.
Wednesday 7th we'll get ready to write an Opinion essay for the following week.
Click here for information.

Do this vocabulary exercise

and this one

Oct. 22nd Nov. 5th HOMEWORK. For Monday/Tuesday 22nd/23rd. Write your own biography in 120/50 words. This is for me to get to know you a little bit. You're not expected to give many datails about yourself, just the ones you want to know about someone you've just met.
Revise all the vocabulary studied throughout the previous weeks.
STUDENTS' BOOK. UNIT 1, we're going to practise describing different aspects of cities and city life, urban problems and urban myths.
Listen to this and try to understand. Once you've heard it, at least three times, read the text. You'll be asked to answer a few questions about it in class on Oct. the 29th/30th. You can hear it online or download the podcast.
Oct 8th Oct. 19th

Introduce the course to the students. Click here to see the plan of the year.
Warming up activities. Speaking-handout 2. Listening-handout 3. Reading- handout 4.
Read this article. "Hunger on the rise in Spain" The New York Times. We' ll talk about it in the class.